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Creating a non-white character is never very easy, and female body shapes and armor styles are typically ridiculous. I would absolutely hope that that would be the case. Lesbian hentai subbed. Pics or it didn't happen? Features like that are just a major time investment. Rust naked women. You haven't been here long then, basically all the dense neckbeards in this subreddit agreed everytime it's been brought up beforehand that if there would ever be a female model in Rust, it would need to be very ugly and not sexualized so that the game would not get filled with "14 yo perverts don't troll around with their boobies".

Watch female models with average human attractiveness get added and the threads complaining that she's not a platinum blonde with huge tits and a chainmail bikini start.

Continue with it, they have. Diprosalic Banned Apr 9, There are much more important things to do than modeling underpants. I'm more angry about the fact that some neckbeards made it clear they didn't want a sexualized female model since it'd cause bad things to happen, fuck that, ignore those guys, literally nothing will happen. Submit a new link. Players are represented as naked men or women when spawned, but can acquire clothing later in the game.

Everyone who reads this site is guaranteed to have played enough games to have spend loads of time playing as a girl, a boy, a black person, an alien, an generic blob, etcetera. Sexy muslim girl porn. Because they would have to remodel all the shirts to fit the bust sizes or just accept the model clipping through. Rust is a big old sandbox, with all the usual survival grinding right? The female avatar isn't quite on the same level Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Two high damage hitboxes that you are stuck with forever while Johnny over there has an advantage?

Sign In Don't have an account? Designed by Jonathan Sutcliffe. If presented with a male and female that looked like the Newman and newlady, I'd bump uglies with the dude, and not even consider the female. Ever seen a beautiful lady with gorgeous eyes, perfect smile, and then bam.

The female model is clearly an edited male model and it shows. Another picture shows someone with an exposed skull. Embrace your inner-midget-albino-man-with-giant-dick, etc. On the other hand, a game that randomly chooses some traits for you and send you on your way, regardless of who you are, is refreshing. What agency is sacrificed here? But the gurls need to grow some Hair on their heads. People who are unhappy with their character roll will kill themselves until they spawn as whatever they wanted.

Quit calling people bigots and getting butthurt when they respond, troll. Nude app iphone. Sorry, you need to Log In to post a reply to this thread.

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Mario, Half-Life, CastleVania, etc. Sorry, you need to Log In to post a reply to this thread. Devin thomas nude. Women might be targeted by some so standing out would be bad. I'm sure he'll learn something from it. I didn't think the options were there to begin with to take away?

The end goal is to have people be able to tell who someone is by looking at them, and then to remove the name text that floats above them when you get close enough.

I think we all can agree on something for once. Rust naked women. They should be recognisable consistently and long-term — so anyone likely to commit a crime would be more likely to wear a balaclava or a face mask.

I do not know what is the devs' experience with naked real-life women but judging by mine, female model is terribly off the average. And if you complain on the forums about it or ask for the ability to select an avatar that looks like you, you're a racist, sexist shitlord and should go fuck yourself.

If anything it might entice some people to buy the game and see what the game generates for them out of curiosity. Women and people of color constantly have to play characters in games that look nothing like them. Michael graziadei nude. That's not just radiation. What century is this lol. He didn't say NAKED women, just women in game scynix Just to be fair I think the female model need to have the option of being naked just like the male model or the nudity option needs to be removed from the game completely if the female model isn't naked.

The female model is definitely a good bit less attractive than most females I know. Log into your account. Hell, in D3 she only played the female characters. My opinion is that it's just fine and have no qualms about it. There are always just male charakters and i was so happy to hear Rust will be done differently. He's certainly above average, so match the female.

I mean, it's nice to be able to choose a character and everyone is entitled to prefer a gender, race, species to play as in games in general, but that was never an option in this particular game anyway. Diprosalic Banned Apr 9, I just hope so much that the gender will be depend on the gender of the steam-account, otherwise… thank you for nothing….

The female avatar isn't quite on the same level SJWs are the antithesis of neckbeards, though equally shit. Naked girl surprise. One, they get harassed less, and two because it's the same reason guys play female characters. Is diversity in the population really an emergent property of MMOs though?

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