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He takes his twin brother's place, inheriting his problems and his girlfriend, determined to expose corruption and collusion between the FBI and the Russian mafia.

This dealt a blow to Mr. Then 15 minutes go by leaving us wanting more. Free busty milf tube. Khawaja30 was written on December 5, Luvmonk was written on November 5, Maximum Risk Natasha Henstridge Natasha Henstridge making out with a guy in a bathroom as they undress each other, Natasha's black bra being lowered to reveal her right breast.

One blond-haired hulk is virtually indestructible, and the three or four fight scenes between him and Van Damme are probably some of the slickest, neatest fights that Van Damme has ever put on film.

To get to the truth about his life, he travels to New York City, specifically the Little Odessa area. Maximum risk nude scene. The guy then picks her up with her left breast visible, placing Natasha on the sink. It loses marks for excessive violence, too much "Rambo" mentality good guys don't get hit despite a barrage of bullets and, yet, another modern-day film in which the FBI is corrupt.

Predrag 9 May Oddly, what we can see doesn't look like the normal great Jean-Claude butt we've seen in other films. Nevertheless, there is decent fighting, and i will cut JCVD a break as he is old despite looking like a 30 year old. Maximum Risk is played straight, but not taken completely seriously. As Moreau uncovers more of Mikhail's sordid past, he becomes caught up in a race to find the money Mikhail stole, as well as a list of Russian mobsters located throughout the world.

The girl is the gorgeous Natasha Henstridge. Julie chen nude photos. As a Van Damme fan when i saw this film i was instantly blown away. AwesomeWolf 29 April He also finds plenty of enemies, including Russian hit men and some corrupt FBI agents. There is decent sexual innuendo, but nothing ever progresses to what made me rent this film, as i'm sure thousands of other viewers were hoping after watchign Species. This would probably be the best Van Damme movie if it were not for the slow pace and excessive dialog,which does serve a purpose.

He did make one wise move, though, in killing off Mikhail before we have to hear Van Damme botch a Russian accent. The action sequences are also quite good despite the budget that it has and if you love action movies in general you won't be disappointed. We start out in warm,beautiful,summertime France to Dead of winter, smelly, New York city.

In a quick and short sex scene after the middle of the movie you can see a little shot of Van Damme's butt. Well nothing really,this movie has it all and to think it was from the start of Van Damme's drug taking days. Lam gets one of the very best acting gigs outta Van Damme Yet.

The action scenes are good, but nothing special. Natasha squeals with pleasure while Van-Damme does her. Maximum Risk Natasha Henstridge Natasha Henstridge changing in front of a full-length mirror, offering a view of her bare breasts in the reflection as she stands in a thong and removes her black bra.

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The villains in this picture are the very manifestations of my childhood visions of evil incarnate. Big delicious tits. Unfortunately, the action sequences are interspersed with long slow dragging parts, but they at least create a serious tone that makes the movie feel more credible.

As such I have dreamed since then that i could see a movie that finally let Van Damme unleash his fury on the evil things in this world. Stefanos Miltsakais as Redface fits this bill very well. The various shoot-outs are well staged and choreographed, while Van Damme gets to deliver some really hefty kicks to his enemies. Now i thought Steven Seagal had the best fight scenes in his movies but Jean Claude is way better!!!!. This is an okay scene, but it needs to be longer.

His 3 confrontations with Alain are worthwhile. His other brother learns about his twin's identity from his birth mother. Maximum risk nude scene. Sure, it lacks any development in story and characters, and any attempt is minimal all are good things whenever I'm concernedbut even with Ringo Lam at the helm, this is nowhere near Van Damme's best effort. The big bruiser Russian Stefanos Miltsakakis was a formidable foe for Alain Moreau Van Damme and didn't look like he could have ever been beaten in close-in fighting; he had to outweigh Alain by at least fifty pounds, probably more.

The guy then picks her up, placing Natasha on the sink before they have sex. Average size women naked. This Van Damme vehicle is plotty, yet the plot is mostly uninteresting, and ultimately cliched. Join now to gain access to tens of thousands of nude and sexy video clips! It has a good view of Natasha's breasts but is short and not all that sexy. Maximum Risk is a must see Van Damme film for his fans it's silly and over the top, it's action packed and yet very enjoyable to watch plus there's an awkward and out of nowhere sex scene between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Natasha Henstridge.

Natasha Henstridge in Maximum Risk. Its no Ronin, but it holds its own. This movie is an a-movie and one of the best action movies and one of my favorites. Ringo Lam was frustrated with this big budgeted production.

You have a whole lot of people the Government is not going to have to arrest and try because they will not be around. Breaking bones as well as high flying kicks.

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Watching it now I see a decent action film, that could have opened up a new type of film for Jean-Claude Van Damme, if he had been sober and the film makers would not have treated it like a "B" picture. Maximum Risk is from the good old days when Van Damme movies went to the theater. Young looking girls naked. Alain Moreau Van Damme is a French cop who just discovered he has a twin brother. She is also easy on the eye in more ways than one.

OK, maybe I'm talking 'Maximum Risk' up a bit. Natasha Henstridge kissing a guy and pulling her shirt off to reveal a black bra as she attempts to seduce him before they hear some noise outside the door.

Natasha Henstridge does a rather decent turn as the damsel in distress, and creates good chemistry between herself and Van Damme. Henstridge is a true hottie.

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