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Whatever plot lines and characters came up in the deal were then tossed into the script.

As always with a low budget horror film, there's a couple of topless scenes, couple of sex scenes and plenty of tight tops and cleavage.

Not every woman can be Kim Kardashian, after all, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be given their honored due now and then, kind of like scraps from the table. I know surfers are supposed to be a mentally underdeveloped group but I hope for their own sake they're not that stupid! Coventry 28 November Standard "paint-by-numbers" monster fare, filled with a bunch of routine plot devices from big-creature movies.

The premise modified from the box description: Duncan Regehr as John Dirks. Josh hutcherson naked future man. Come on people,what's wrong with you? And why all that porno stuff was it to entertain or to only burn time in the film to look like a long movie. Sure, in that movie Matt Borlenghi played a complete wuss-bag who spent the entire movie crying about his little brother getting eaten by the DinoCroc.

Paul Magne Haakonsen 9 January I won't ruin the ending, but I nearly cried it was so funny. Blood surf nude. The actors are all unknown to me, but they are all actually pretty good. It's incredible how people actually spend time producing such rubbish! MartianOctocretr5 23 February I really love killer crocodile films — my love for this under-appreciated subgenre stems from watching my late father's VHS copy of the Italian flick Killer Crocodile during my youth.

I say this because I am happy to day I did not spend even a dollar to rent it. The film runs 84 minutes and was shot in the Philipines. The visual effects in 'Blood Surf' are amateurish and the massacres fail to impress. Stacy dash nude pictures. If you like to look at men, West's ripped physique, his large, dark nipples, and his high-energy--if low-talent--performance will certainly hold your attention.

I had a major problem with that, first of all it's a Crocodile not an Alligator. Every other aspect is simply disastrous. They remind you of Photshop 1. It would be a big mistake to sit through this picture for the split-second scene suggesting part of Joel West's butt.

Early in the film, one of the characters refers to Jaws as being a 'mechanical toy' but the croc here looks at least 10 times less real than Spielberg's great white shark.

Not only are the sharks putting them at risk, but there just may be a legendary monster in the water. The Spectacular Spider-Man 6 July How could you NOT love a movie as silly and fun as Krocodylus?

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Godziller 20 March If it were only for the lack of talent between the actors, the embarrassingly stupid dialogs and the hilariously stupid crocodile, it would be at least worth a laugh, but it gets worse: Oh hey, a movie about stupid people getting eaten by sharks, cool Audience Score Percentage of users who rate a movie or TV show positively.

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Hey folks, basically I think every comment I have read on this movie is absolutely correct! This is the last ingredient making the movie absolute trash to me. The scenery did not even seem to hide the fact that the backgrounds were incredibly different.

Crocodiles are particularly successful as we already had to struggle our way through the abysmal 'Crocodile' directed by a disappointing Tobe Hooper and 'Lake Placid'. Candi moore lesbian. To make things even more interesting, the sharks are not the most dangerous thing in the water as even the sharks find out the hard way -- living on the island is a foot saltwater crocodile with a taste for human flesh. The pitch-meeting for "Blood Surf" possibly went something like this: It's also the best of the modern b-films about giant animals Why was it even made?

Dax Miller as Bog. How can you NOT like this ultimate B-movie? Maureen Larrazabal shown naked as she has sex with a guy in a pool of water, and then sits against the rocks with him afterwards. The visual effects are pretty poor — once the croc appears, you will know why they kept it hidden. Luke Baldock Super Reviewer. I think the fx works just fine, combining a moderate use of computer generation with some of the old "rubber-crocodile and fake blood" stuff.

This film is terrible, and everybody who has seen it, everybody who worked on it, must realise it's terrible. As an absolute fan of movies including some kind of vicious animals or monsters, I thought this might be my kind of movie A strangely fun entry, as there's very few solid points about this one that should make it as good as it really is. Jo guest nude pics. If you have ever seen a porn movie you would have understood that it contains appalling acting, direction and storyline, only to provide a thin backdrop to the sex scenes - it's kind of sad really.

Cecil's earlier review is completely accurate. Blood surf nude. The story is absolutely ridiculous. Sure,I know that the croc kinda looked fake but just sit down and have a good time. This should be more of a guideline of how not to do it! C- but with solid entertainment value, IF you're in the right mode. Killer Crocs and Gators. Ahab guy with a vendetta, and Ahab's girlfriend who does sleazy dances at a bar. Was this review helpful?

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