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It didn't matter whether it was guy cum or girl cum, Natasha couldn't get enough of having her lover spray their liquid joy all over her face and Maria certainly didn't disappoint, her superior even helping the process by grinding her cunt onto her face and making sure Natasha got thoroughly drenched.

Just In All Stories: Those last words in raged Maria but her mind was way too busy reeling from everything that had just happened to get upset. Nude women carnival. Natasha's experience allowed her to recognise when it was the most common reason, so when Maria pushed her face in between her butt cheeks and eagerly started lapping away at her ass hole The Black Widow smirked softly.

That sounded like it was going to be the end of the discussion, Natasha clearly wanting it to be given the way that she increased the pace of the finger fucking, Maria really struggling not to cum so she could try to bargain with the insubordinate redhead, "Please, oooooooohhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, please, couldn't, mmmmmm, couldn't I just eat your pussy? Natasha nodded her head. How would you counter that attack?

Secondly, his clientele are the most exclusive assembly in the world. Maria hill naked. Maria knew then that the other men would do the same and eat her out, and shot Natasha a concerned look. Her tits were soft and real, her strawberry nipples hard and erect in the cool air of the room. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Maria hill naked

Please, please, please fuck me! Sure, she strongly suspected Natasha was being inappropriate on purpose but until she was sure Maria couldn't bite her head off on a suspicion. The man's hot breathing bothered Maria, as did the way he stared at her so lasciviously. It freaked her out, as did the mortifying experience of trying to push her tongue up another woman's ass, but God help her she couldn't stop.

Literotica is a trademark. Not allowing Maria to get out anything else Natasha immediately stopped the finger fucking and growled, "Agree to tongue my ass hole, or I'll leave! Luckily she was able to keep her composure and concentrate on finishing up and getting out of here. Wives milfs cougars. The man continued, "Well -- if this was real, Agent Hill would be naked and -- honestly -- every man here would be distracted by her nudity. The Cat in the Hat. She knew she had a lovely, delicate cunt, but now so did every man in this room!

Of course Maria deserved a fucking medal for not looking down when they were both naked in a shower together. For now it was only the first lick she truly considered to be slow, the ones following it providing a steady rhythm which quickly had Maria on the road to what Natasha was determined to make sure was an extremely powerful orgasm.

The fact that Maria really didn't know what she was doing didn't detract from the rim job, in fact it was a real turn on to know her's was the first ass Maria had ever licked, and the rapid swipes of the higher-ranking agent's tongue against her forbidden hole mostly made up for the experience.

What could she say? The way she said and did things. Oh God fuck my ass! Once Maria was on the edge of climax again Natasha moved to her ear and whispered, "Lick your cum off my face. Just now, in this position with her hips lewdly raised above Stern's lips, the men could all get a very good viewpoint of her pussy.

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Stick your tongue in my cunt and fuck me! She has an adopted daughter named Penelope Hill and they have performed in numerous shows together across the United States.

The redhead's butt hole tasted surprisingly good, but while Maria was growing to kind of like eating ass she definitely liked eating pussy, and Natasha's pussy smelt so fucking good. She also got the impression that Natasha hadn't even started trying, this being just the gentle prelude to the real tongue torture. Hot hispanic girls nude. Come on, keep licking it, up and down, up and down, up and fucking down ooooohhhhh yeeeeesssss, rim me, just like that, now try and push it in and fuck me with it! Although that was nothing to the shame she felt when Natasha started using her mouth, those sinful red lips wrapping around her clit and providing gentle suction all it took to make Maria lose complete control.

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Or more accurately Maria was crushing on Natasha within ten minutes of their first sparring session. She was just about to get up before Natasha stopped her. That's what Maria thought She couldn't find the words, her mouth dry and her body aching to find out if all the stories about The Black Widow's sexual prowess were true.

The busty redhead simply stood there with her hands on her hips, waiting for them to begin. Even the very idea of licking this woman's ass hole had been enough to almost make Maria quiver, and while she had told herself that was because of the fingers in her cunt when Natasha originally suggested it she could no longer deny the truth.

So Natasha slipped two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck herself with an ever increasing rhythm while softly but firmly giving her commanding officer orders,"MMMMMmmmmm, good, now more. Although truth be told as much as Maria resented moaning for Natasha so easily she was far more upset that The Black Widow chose to slow things down, the redhead forgetting about using her teeth altogether and slowing down the suction to something that was more teasing than pleasing.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. When Natasha had introduced her index finger into the mix Maria had cum on the spot, and then again when another finger had been pushed into her sex. Maria hill naked. She worked hard to make sure she did because Natasha loved swallowing cum just as much as she loved it covering her face, maybe more because while both processes made her feel slutty she had always found the taste of cum to be exquisite, something she could obviously only enjoyed by drinking the fruits of her labour.

The man tried flipped over so that Maria was now on her back, trying to pin her down, but she held on tight to his neck, and it was clear he had lost the match. Rick salomon naked. It was absurd but just having the feared agent breathing on her was affecting Maria, the husky breath telling her Natasha was slowly moving around and examining her like a predator studying its prey. Or because she wants to get it over with. However the truth was after priding herself at not becoming another drooling moron at just the mention of Natasha Romanoff she became exactly that once confronted with the redhead's perfect ass.

Alas Maria could only watch as Natasha basically fucked herself to climax, the brunette feeling that she was only helping the process by tonguing The Widow's back hole rather than significantly contributing. In the meantime, Stern was digging his fingers between her slim inner thighs, and the two began to roll around, trying to gain the upper hand on one another.

Maria looked over Natasha, forcing herself to look the lower ranking Shield agent in the eye. She had a rule about nearly everything, a long list of guidelines to make life as easy and stress free, or as much as possible in her line of work. Fuck me and make me cum, fuck me and make me cum, fuck me and make me cum aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk! She stepped over the man, straddling his head, and then lowered her pussy down over his mouth.

Because nothing made her feel more like a slut than having her face covered in cum, and Natasha loved feeling like a slut. Thankfully she was allowed to do so, Natasha keeping up the pace until Maria came oh so wonderfully hard, her pussy clamping down on The Widow's fingers and covering them in her cum.

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Beautiful big ass lesbians Ultimately Maria made the mistake of looking down at those big round breasts which were almost pressed against her own, one long look at Natasha's amazing body making up her mind for her.
Redhead milf fuck It was impossible not to, Maria told herself over and over. She swore only took her eye off Natasha for a second. Mmmmm, I know, you've eaten pussy before, right?
Leaked celebrity nude photos 2014 Maria managed to avoid Natasha's grin of triumph by closing her eyes but she still blush pretty hard and let out a loud cry of pleasure as the feared Black Widow started pounding her pussy again, the sensation of having the voluptuous redhead so close almost as stimulating as those fingers slamming in and out of her cunt.
Hot naked cartoon chicks So, trying her best not to blush, Maria closed her eyes and then after a brief pause growled, "Fine, just make me cum!
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