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It seemed as if Ms. Dhaka sexi girl. Jay, please see my reply to dianagram above. Span researched seemed homophobic. Ian kinsler naked. I understand the business and editorial decision to run the article. Emma, this was excellent and I am looking forward to reading more of your work. You want to be young again? CRP13, without trying to estimate what percentage of our readership was or wasn't offended, I'd just like to point out an observation - pertaining not only to this thread but to controversial topics on this site in general - that it's not a contrary opinion which leads to comments being "minused" so much as it is a shrill tone and a lack of substance to those comments.

No but many people criticized BP for publishing this article. I know more American's who are over-educated than under-educated.

It's a humorous reminder that baseball players are people, something that sabermetric analysts are just as often guilty of forgetting. The internet if full of people writing about baseball but very few can convey a combination of intelligence, information and entertainment.

Some free advice - if this was too tasteless for you, please do not look for Zap Comix from the 60's. Why do girls have big asses. I wasn't offended or irritated by this article at all, though I was a bit surprised that the editors of BP felt comfortable with this level of adult content. Yeah, because they never talk about actual baseball here. I guess I'm a racist too. If that's the case, then I don't understand the point of Jay saying: Nonetheless, though it had nothing to do with ProTrade, stock valuation or even reality, people loved it.

The latter provides what value? Thats fine and good but obviously not what was implied. Would there be nearly so much negativity if the article had been about women writing heterosexual fantasy porn about baseball players? Maybe it is the tone of some of the comments that are fueling the unnecessary melodrama?

What are you people thinking? Kinsler has the advantage of working with Andrelton Simmonsone of baseball's best defensive shortstops, on plays up the middle. I want to point out two things--I agree on the "minusing" issue, and I bumped you back up, because I think the discussion is interesting, if nothing else. Ohtani, Simmons push Angels past Jays. This is enough to make me cancel my subscription to BP, which I will do right after I post this comment I'll keep buying the annual though!

Unfair question, perhaps, but I can't help but wonder. I am not a religious conservative. That doesn't surprise me, and solidarity is to be applauded. But as far as BP's new direction, don't think for a minute that it doesn't involve a heavy emphasis on good sabermetric analysis of the game.

Christina Kahrl 's "whodunit" about the Mets in a Transaction Analysis awhile ago was a classic one, not to mention her history references. Red milf hd. How about BP getting Joe Queenan to guest column every once in awhile?

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You don't like it, fine, but this seems a bit of an over-reaction. Not that there is ever anything wrong about being in the abject minority I think many of us often are, in one way or anotherbut sometimes it can be instructive to stop and consider why we are in the minority on a given point.

Maybe 'cause if it isn't hate speech, I just don't understand the concern. Marie avgeropoulos nude photos. I am really surprised by the negative comments and strong reactions to this piece. Welcome to the club.

This piece is brilliant--great job, Emma. But, you shouldn't blame BP for bringing to light the fact that this stuff exists. For me anyway, this is not a satisfying response. Put me down in the "thumbs up" column.

Jim Baker previously and Ken Funck now often go "outside the lines" to provide some whimsical topic. Too bad about the controversy.

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But, all she did was bring to light a sub-culture that already existed. Some people have rejected this argument without explaining why it isn't compelling. Ian kinsler naked. Ian kinsler naked. An inspection of his slash stats reveals that none of the projections see him coming close to a repeat of his performance.

It's not like the discussion here was productive in any way. I'm not offended, just not the baseball insight I am looking for. But I'm obviously one of the under-educated ones. The blue-boxed F logo denotes Fantasy and Premium subscriber-only content. I am not a prude. The main focus of the piece is that creepiness; it's not like it's a glorification of the, uh, genre. That's why I come here and why I pay for it. Lovely firm tits. I'm accused of making "straw man" arguments.

Were you to ask me what sort of article I would find most unlikely to grace the "pages" of BP, I think MLB slash fiction would be near the top of the list. The position produced such miniscule combined numbers as a. Are we no better than our hapless politicians? As an interesting baseball topic? I should think the mascot groupies were the best evidence of that.

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It practically guarantees that there is some Don Mossi slash out there somewhere not that I'm going to look for it! All very good points, and if you graze my comments you'll see that none of my objections were over the homosexual innuendos in the article.

Don't like what somebody is saying? This one time, I played in a fantasy baseball league named "A-Rod in my Pujols". Hot big tit milf fucked. Don't any of you people eat? What were the first comments about?

It's on to one of MANY great baseball web sites. Why exactly do those that didn't like it have to be labeled? There is some freaky shit out there! I know more American's who are over-educated than under-educated. I know that girl fuck videos Ian kinsler naked. I can always find porn on the internet, I can't always find good baseball analysis. I'm sure Emma is a terrific writer, and the responsiblity for the article is on the editorial staff, but I really never expected to see something like this here.

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